Abbotsford House spoon at Filament coffee
Abbotsford spoon

I can't compete with Private Eye "Me and My Spoon" but I have to record that I spotted a perfect miniature Abbotsford House on a spoon at my local coffee shop, Filament, (they do have a diverse spoon collection as well as faultless coffee). Abbotsford was...
The Modern House

Delighted to see on the Journal page of in the "What We're Seeing" section....

  • Wild raspberries in front of south facade to Property 5, Dingleton Boilerhouse
  • Dingleton Boilerhouse adjacent foliage and lamppost
  • Wild Raspberries against coal delivery tread plate, Dingleton Boilerhouse
  • Local wild raspberries in front of the black timber Boilerhouse door to be employed for Property 2
Wild raspberries at Dingleton, Melrose

Wild raspberry harvest from today’s site visit. I glimpsed a lamppost adjacent to the Boilerhouse site, it chimes with the audio book of “The Magician’s Nephew” by CS Lewis we had just been listening to!...

  • Peter Womersley original drawings for Dingleton Boilerhouse
  • Peter Womersley original drawings for Dingleton Boilerhouse
  • Peter Womersely original drawings for Dingleton Boilerhouse
  • Dingleton Boilerhouse drawings
Original Boilerhouse plans

I've just come across the original plans for Peter Womersley's Boilerhouse at Dingleton, Melrose. Copies were obtained by Gordon Duffy of Studio DuB architects at the point where he started work on the Listed Builidng consent and Planning Consent. These would have been hand-drawn in...