Property 4

/ property 4

Properties 3, 4 and 5 are self-similar, all making use of the space beneath each of the three coal hoppers, which feature as giant inverted pyramids suspended in the main, double height space.

Property 4 is also accessed from the car parking and timber deck to the east, and has a long vestibule with south facing glazing at high level, which can be seen in the section for Property 3. Bedroom 1 is located at the south end of the plan, again with high level glazing, shown in the section for this Property. The ensuite bathroom to this bedroom has a cunning “Jack and Jill” sliding door arrangement to make it equally accessible from the hall as from the bedroom. Leading on from the snug is a flexible space which could serve as dining room/ study/ third bedroom. A dramatic, double height space, it is served by skylights on the south facing roof slope. Continuing along the hall we reach the main living area, looking up to the coal hopper central within the space. The living area gains light from the south facing skylight. An original window opening made in the north wall is unblocked and reinstated with double glazed units. We have passed by the snug with its wood burning stove and built in seating, a single story space beneath the mezzanine level.

Up the stairs we pass by the study area which looks onto the main space and houses the three boiler flues travelling through the space to reach the original chimney. At the other end of the landing we reach a south facing bedroom, with ensuite WC and shower. The upper hall also gives out onto the glazed winter garden, a buffer zone to the south facing terrace outside.

Ten solar PV panels for this flat are located on its roof. An exhaust air heat pump is located on the mezzanine and provides energy-efficient heating for the whole property.

Gross internal floor area 113 m2  /  1216 ft2

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/ property 4 - first floor

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/ property 4 - ground floor