• excerpt from IOT II Womersley and Klein by Rebecca Wober
  • Inventors of Tradition II edited Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan
  • Panel art curatorial practice Glasgow
Inventors of Tradition II book launch

Further to Inventors of Tradition I, Atelier E.B. and Panel launch a new book, exploring connections between art, architecture, and checking back in with a textile design tradition extraordinary to Scotland. An arts curatorial practice, Panel commissioned an essay by Rebecca Wober on Womersley and Klein, describing...

Bernat Klein at High Sunderland with sketchbook
Bernat Klein tapestry exhibition at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh

It's wonderful to hear that Dovecot Studios have been planning a major exhibition of Bernat Klein's tapestries to be on show for the 2015 Edinburgh Art Festival. I can't wait to see these. Bernat Klein invigorated the Borders woollen mill industry from the 1950s onwards and I...

Klein Studio balsa model in collection kept at private house, High Sunderland
High Sunderland, home of the late Bernat Klein

After a good 10 years spent researching the work of Peter Womersley across the UK and in Hong Kong I am thrilled to say that I finally been lucky enough to visit High Sunderland, near Selkirk. One of the many joys of the visit was to spot...

Peter Womersley commissions for Bernat Klein featuring at the Palace of Art, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, Inventors of Tradition II curated by Panel
Inventors of Tradition II at Glasgow’s Palace of Art

I was thrilled to be asked to write an article on Peter Womersley's house for the late textile designer, Bernat Klein, at High Sunderland. This piece was commissioned by Panel for their Inventors of Tradition II exhibition at the Palace of Art, Bellahouston Park where...