• photo of Farnley Hey taken by R H de Burgh Galway
  • RIBA Journal Dec 2015 Farnley Hey 2
Farnley Hey makes RIBA Journal again

The RIBA Journal have selected a photograph of Farnley Hey, for the inside back page "Culture: Parting Shot" slot in the December 2015 issue of the magazine. It was taken by R H de Burgh Galway, in the heyday of the house, before the first floor...

Assemble Tramway Turner Prize
Assemble at the Tramway

Assemble have won the Turner prize, which turns the focus of the art world onto grassroots community projects. How about other projects which reach across the traditional boundaries to breathe life into remarkable buildings? I can think of a few, starting with the boiler house project...

Bernd and Hiller Becher industrial archaeology
Hilla Becher

Fascinating obituaries of Hilla Becher, part of the photographer duo Hilla and Bernhard Becher who travelled Europe and the States documenting the industrial archaeology of their era....